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We are a group of highly talented and successful educators and business leaders with decades of experience. We have one thing in common across every service we offer – Quality and Integrity. 


We have operated very successful businesses and are leaders in our fields. We could have just stuck to that (being brilliant leaders) – but the call for us to share how we did it – so that others can do it too, has been very strong, from both nationally in Australia (across many fields) as well as internationally. We have responded to that call, and are making our expertise available broadly. 


In short, we are here to assist and support you, to develop your company, your people, your industry or your country, to be all that it truly can be. Our focus is people, and our service is beyond excellence. Not only are we experts in the fields we deliver in, but we bring a level of integrity, passion and commitment that is unparalleled. 


Our Director 


Serryn O’Regan is a senior corporate lawyer of 25+ years’ corporate experience. She has been the lead lawyer on deals worth up to A$2.4 Billion, and has worked at two top tier law firms in Australia including as Senior Associate. She has significant corporate experience including in international joint ventures and representing Northern American major interests in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. 

Serryn is strongly committed to education. Serryn has spoken at numerous national and international conferences on quality and the future of higher education, including a keynote address on VET Policy, and co-hosting a Q&A session with the National Regulator ASQA Chief Commissioner. Serryn was named as an industry exemplar in the Chief Commissioner’s address to Australia’s largest vocational education conference in 2019. 

Serryn is the Executive Manager Governance and General Counsel at Evolve College, a national vocational educational institution. Serryn holds various positions on bodies in education and in law. She mentors lawyers in Australia including emerging leaders. 

Serryn has extensive public speaking experience including to audiences of up to 30,000 in Japan and China. She is the former Worldwide Director of a prominent charity in the USA, where she forged and managed relationships with the United Nations as well as coordinating 10,000 member groups in 190 countries. 


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